My favorite mastermind is back and we start on 1st of November. 


Grow your audience and your confidence to make an impact with your biz!

 Because life can’t be lived fully from inside a cubicle.
There's always MORE. 

Hi, I’m Susi:

Digital nomad, freedom junkie
& adventure seeker.

I'm a Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for female entrepreneurs.



I wish someone had told me sooner that the conventional path is not the only one!



You used to find me slaving away at a desk job in Germany, drooling over photos of faraway lands and tropical paradises while secretly counting down the hours until the weekend.



Until the day I decided to change it all...

I took everything I’d been told about how I “should” live — graduate university, pick a career, and stick with it until you retire at 67 — and tossed it in the trash, along with my briefcase and office heels (I go barefoot now).


Unleash your dreams, pursue your passions and break the mold.

Today I travel the world with a 6-figure business, showing other women how to level up their location-independent businesses too, so they can go from employee to CEO BADA$$.

Level up, Baby!


You can be, do or have anything you want!


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