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 Because life can’t be lived fully from inside a cubicle.
There's always MORE. 

Hi, I’m Susi:

Digital nomad, freedom fan
& adventure seeker.

I'm a Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for female entrepreneurs.



I wish someone had told me sooner that the conventional path is not the only one!



You used to find me slaving away at a desk job in Germany, drooling over photos of faraway lands and tropical paradises while secretly counting down the hours until the weekend.



Until the day I decided to change it all...

I took everything I’d been told about how I “should” live — graduate university, pick a career, and stick with it until you retire at 67 — and tossed it in the trash, along with my briefcase and office heels (I go barefoot now).


Unleash your dreams, pursue your passions and break the mold.

Today I travel the world showing other women how to grow their location-independent businesses too,

so they can go from employee to explorer.

Get started on your own adventure.

Wake up to the soul-based calling inside you.


You are destined to be here if:


  • You’re a non-conformist
  • You can’t stand the idea of being stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of your days.
  • Nothing lights you up like a plane ticket
  • Your copy of Eat, Pray, Love is tattered from reading and re-reading.
  • Your desktop background is a distant country
  • You want to create a life and career on your terms


You can be, do or have anything you want!


Whether that’s surfing in Australia in between client calls, spending your days volunteering with elephants in Thailand as a travel blogger, or launching a graphic design business from Cape Horn, my clients and I are living proof that your dreams are possible.

“I signed up my first two clients on the same day! And I’m moving overseas!!"

“Through coaching with Susi, I finally have clarity on who I am and how my future will look. I started my business, set up the foundations, and signed up my first two paying clients during ONE day. Now I’m starting my new life overseas as a graphic designer.” - Stacey



“I quit my job to follow my passions of photography and long-term travel!”  

“Susi showed me that nothing is impossible. Since coaching with Susi, I’m more confident with who I am and what I want in life. She showed me how to believe in myself and follow my heart. Now I’ve quit my job and I’m following my passions!” - Vanessa



“Susi is a brilliant mentor and coach!”


“I can’t recommend Susi highly enough! When you work with Susi, you get things done and achieve results.” - Miriam

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