A day in my Workaway life in Canada

Workaway in Canada


Ever wondering how my location independent summer in Canada looks like?



I've signed up for a workaway project again.
Do you know workaway?

I basically traveled around Australia in 2014 with workaway, always stopping for projects to volunteer and help a few hours per day, in exchange for free accommodation and food.


When I was still a backpacker without own online business, this was a life saver for me. I lived for free in luxury resorts on the Whitsunday Islands, farms, family homes, and animal parks.

Currently I'm on my second round-the-world trip (how exciting!), this time fully location independent.

So...why do I still use workaway?



1. I love to live with locals instead of hotels
2. I love to take part in all kind of different projects around the world. Top score for "variety".
3. I don't spend a single cent, so it doesn't really matter how much money I make in my business. 


So I decided to spend my summer in Canada at a Whitewater Rafting Resort in British Columbia.

To reconnect with nature, to try rafting, and to take some time off from the huzz and buzz of big city life. 


Here's how a typical day in my current project and life looks like:



7:00   I wake up in our tent. It's freezing in the mornings.

7:15    I'm sitting on my little patio with my journal and go

           through my Mindset routine for the morning.

8:00   Breakfast and dishes - after each meal all volunteers

           chip in for dishes.


9:00  Online biz work session: 


  • I follow up my clients and summarize our last coaching sessions and all homework and on-going tasks.
  • I check emails, Facebook messages, new posts and comments in my group and get back to everyone. 
  • Content creation: I finish two Workbooks for my upcoming Group Coaching.
  • I hire a copywriter for my new Sales Page and work on my first draft to send it to her. 

10:00   Workaway Shift:

I work in the kitchen and help preparing lunch for 61 guests and 28 staff members.
I work 5 hours for 5 days each week, in exchange for accommodation, all meals and one whitewater rafting trip each week.


13:00   Lunch time and dishes

15:00   I finish my Workaway Shift for today

15:00-16:00   Time to unwind.




After finishing my shift I head into the forest.

I swing on the nature swing for 20 minutes to calm my brain.
Afterwards I go for a 30 minutes hike and spend another 10 minutes sitting at the river. 


Do you know the kids movie "Ronia, the Robber's Daughter"?
She is my childhood idol and she lives in a dreamy forest full of adventures.

Well, I literally feel like I live within this exact forest right now. It's magic! 

16:00   Online biz work session:

  • Drafting a new blog post (this one). 
  • Getting back to client and non-client requests.
  • Working on my new Group Coaching. 
  • Posting on Social Media (Visbility). 


18:00   Having a shower, enjoying the view, cleaning up my tent, laundry.

19:00   Dinner time and dishes

20:15   Evening Mindset Journaling

20:45   Yoga class (one day, yes ONE day I will really get into yoga...) 


22:00 Lights Off

...which means the sun went down.

No electricity means not much more to do and we go to sleep.

The river is the last sound I hear in the evenings and the first thing I notice in the mornings. 



Check out www.workaway.com to find projects all around the globe. 

Susi is the founder of Dreamlife Deluxe and works as a Life and Transformational Coach.

about the author

Susi is the founder of Dreamlife Deluxe and works as a Life and Transformational Coach.  She left Germany in 2014 and has been travelling and living overseas ever since, embarking on her second round the world trip in 2017. Susi helps others with her 1:1 coaching and courses to create a freedom lifestyle on their own terms, so they can travel long term, start an online business and overcome their fears. 

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