Work With Me

Mindset & Visibility for Badass Biz Babes

4 months of daily ass-kickery so you can...


~ get fully booked in your soul business 
~ work flow-based and let it be EASY (instead of the daily 10 hour grind!) 
~ drop the bullshit and create offers from your soul 
~ step into abundance and the identity of your next level BADASS self 

I help service-based Biz Babes
who are DRIVEN as f*ck and
KNOW what their soul-calling is,
to grow their audience and
their confidence so they can get fully booked and live fully location independent, whilst
making an impact AND lots of money. 




How is my coaching different?


I am a solution-focused and transformational coach (no kidding, I studied this).
Even though I can teach you ALL the marketing strategies and blueprints for 5-figure months and 15,000 followers, we will focus on YOUR strengths for your own soul-based marketing.


That's how you build your own personal road to success!

Who can apply?


Please only apply to work with me 1:1 if you have...


~ a service-based business that you're INCREDIBLY passionate about 
~ already worked with at least 1-2 paying clients
~ a MASSIVE hunger to grow, a positive non-victim attitude and you are coachable as well as super driven to expand and do the daily work

~ already decided that you're ready to invest and want to work with me specifically!



I made $4,500 within one week, and trippled my income.


"I got amazing results just from working 2 weeks with Susi. I had not signed any clients in 2018 and didn't know how to pay my bills. 


Within 1 week with Susi I signed 4 new clients and trippled my income goal. I'm now fully booked, and it blew my mind. She helped me to understand that I need to ask for the sale and be more visible. I now doubled my prices." 


- Stacey Tite, Botanic Creative Webdesign 

I've quit my dayjob within one month! 

- Ursh Muller 


"Working on my mindset with Susi was better than I could have ever imagined and changed my life forever!


I was confused and overwhelmed in a job that made me sick and a business that didn't "feel right". With Susi's help I stepped into the mindset of a real business woman. I found the courage to cancel my excising business AND leave my job.


The mindset work pushed my energy SO high. It gave me what I needed so badly and had such a big impact on me and my life. This is priceless.

Susi made me see my true mission and helped me to find my calling, that fulfills me so much! I now create my freedom lifestyle whilst living location independent and traveling the world, which is incredible!"


- Annika Kaehler, Confidence Coach, Germany


"Before working on my mindset with Susi, I was under confident, fearful and second guessing myself all the time.


Shifting my mindset has been the biggest change. I've completely shifted how I think and act in just 2 months. I got the momentum and confidence to QUIT MY JOB to work full time as a sex and relationship coach and I signed 3 new clients already.


I stepped from "aspiring entrepreneur" into living as a real, confident business women."


- Ruth Sowter, Sex and Relationship Coach, Australia

"I quit my job whilst working with Susi and I signed my first paying client within 2 weeks!

Working with Susi completely shifted my mindset and strategy.
I now create BADASS content, show up as my true self and signed up my first client after only 2 weeks!

The biggest impact Susi's coaching had was her ability to cut through my bullshit! 

I got so much out of my time with you, Susi & can't thank you enough!!
NO MATTER WHAT, you are high vibe ALL THE TIME. You are honest and SO giving with your tangible info.


- Ellyse Howe, Holistic Branding Strategist, Australia


"I originally decided to hire a coach to work past blocks in my business, but to my surprise the most amazing thing happened: Deep mindset work with Susi, even within just a short period of time, has transformed every single part of my life!


From health to money, hobbies to daily routine, stress levels to time management – and of course my business too! The positive effect has swept through my whole life. I wake up every day excited for what’s next, and I can’t wait to see where continuing mindset work will take me in the future!"


- Nikki, Director and Translator, UK


"I have a completely new mindset in who I am as a business owner!

Before starting with mindset work I was close to giving up and going back to a 9-5.


With Susi's mindset coaching I was able to break through my mental blocks around money, security, showing up and selling online.

I now have the confidence in my abilities and see myself as an expert and authority in my niche."


- Melody Spencer, Facebook Ad Strategist, USA


Let's talk results:


  • I'll show you how you can step into the next level version of yourself, so you can act, think and FEEL like a 6-figure business owner and take inspired action as THIS person already. 
  • I have invested thousands of $$$ in Coaches, Seminars and  Money Mindset Programs myself.
    I’ll share openly everything I've learned to change your beliefs, your mindset and your money mindset, so you can smash through the ceiling you're so sick off. 
  • Learn how to believe that you are 100% worthy of your dreams and deserve to have ANYTHING you want!
  • Get all my success mindset tools for your powerful daily mindset routine to smash through limits and build up your belief (All the major entrepreneurs and celebrities do inner work like this!)


  • If you want to attract your dream client, you need to get in front of them. We’ll develop your new visibility strategy online so you can build, connect and engage with your tribe every day.
  • Instagram with a vengeance! Grow your account to several thousands of engaged followers who love you and your posts — and want to hire you!
  • Use the magic of Facebook groups to market yourself as a business owner organically (you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising to make this strategy work)
  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can find and book your next paying clients
  • Create your own content so you can offer massive value to your audience
  • Get my hacks for re-purposing your content and social media posts so you can use them across platforms (This will save you hours of work!)



  • Drop the bullshit and get paid for being YOU. I'm famous for this: Clients come to me with what they think they "should" do in their business. Guess what, if you hate it, we'll drop it! No matter what. 
  • No more hiding behind a logo or a "pretty story". 
    Be yourself and attract your dream clients exactly with this. Your vulnerability makes you a real person and might be your missing piece to success!
  • Complete clarity on your uniqueness and strengths as a CEO in your business, so you can smash your income goals with feel-good strategies that work for YOU.


  • The Magic happens in between our calls, when you take action! You'll get the exact steps to take in your business, not as a blue print - but in a way that works specifically for YOU. 
  • Who to hire, when to hire, how to hire your dream team
  • Automation and processes for more freedom in your life and business - no more working all day, every day and weekends! This isn't slavery. This is your own baby, design it intentionally, so it supports your lifestyle. 
  • Confidence in the exact steps to take in your business, to bring yourself into alignment with your big desires and dreams on a daily basis.

If this sounds like a HELL YES to you, message me and I'll get in touch with all the juicy details and bonuses, my next availability for open spots and next steps to get started!