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I wish I would have known earlier, that the conventional path is not the only one. Trying to “fit in” and “settle with what’s normal” literally made me sick.


I couldn’t imagine to stay in one place forever and switched jobs all the time. I grew up with the belief that my “crazy ideas are unrealistic” but I was craving for adventure and longing to explore myself by exploring the world. 


I knew I wanted to work location independent as a Digital Nomad,

but I didn’t have the audience and the confidence to make enough money.

I was totally feeling like you are feeling now,                              but then I discovered...

  • That I am WORTH it to invest in myself, my freedom and my business

  • How QUICKLY I can get my business of the ground and find clients after hiring a Mentor
    (instead of figuring out every single bit by myself)

  • a Mindset Routine that helped me to 100% believe in myself and to MANIFEST all my goals with ease. 

I had been resistant and sceptical about investing into coaching myself, as I thought I can work it all out alone. But it was SLOOOOOOW....




When I finally DID invest into my a business coach AND a mindset coach, things started rolling quickly and afterwards I wondered what held me back for so long.

How much is your freedom lifestyle  worth to you?

The results you will achieve are priceless!



I went from working in a 9-5 to quitting my job and traveling full time whilst working in my Coaching Business.
Today I work as a Mindset Coach and Online Biz Strategist and have lived in Africa, Asia and Australia. 


I'm on my SECOND round-the-world trip right now,
since May 2017.




My current clients that have signed up to work with me for the rest of the year will get coached from Canada, New York, Saint Lucia, Barbados and one more unknown destination. 🌍✈️🏝



Guess that’s pretty unique. ⛵️☀️


Sounds crazy?
It's possible!

And when you start surrounding yourself with like-minded people, it doesn't even seem that crazy anymore!
YOU define your NORMAL!

YOU can create everything you want to BE, DO and HAVE in your life!



If whatever you’ve tried before all by yourself  kind of didn’t work out, REACH OUT AND GET HELP!


Creating a life of happiness, abundance and fulfilment is priceless, and it’s possible for YOU too!


(I waited until I was 30+, oh maaaaaan
why did I need that much time!)



You can ABSOLUTELY do this!

Why work with me?


I’m Susi Käufer, a certified Solution Focused Life Coach and Transformational Coach. I build my own coaching business in 2016 and quit my job to travel the world after 7 months.


I help service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is, to grow their audience and their confidence so they can live fully location independent and travel the world whilst making an impact AND lots of money. 




Everything you need is already within you!



I am your...

Mindset Magician

  • I have invested thousands of $$$ in Coaches and several paid Money Mindset Programs myself. I’ll show you all the tools to change your Beliefs, your Mindset and your Money Mindset 

Marketing and Social Media Expert

  • 10 years’ Experience as Media Planner and Marketing Specialist
    I’ll show you all you need to market your Online Business from scratch and to find clients before you even have a Website. 

Freedom Lifestyle Expert

  • I quit my day job in 2013 and travelled the world ever since. I know many different ways to live a freedom lifestyle on your own terms (with or without online Business). I help you get clarity which one is right for you. 

Strategy Girl

  • With my Strategic Thinking and Structure (I’m a Poker Player) we will create a powerful plan and follow through strategically!
    No procrastination or overwhelm. I’ve got your back! 

Client Love:

OMG and I'm so PROUD of all of them!!