Grow your audience and your confidence to rock your online business!

Do you dream of jetting off to the blue waters of the Bahamas and being able to bring your business with you?


#locationindependence is your motivation?


Do you get #instaenvy whenever you see lifestyle-preneurs posting pics from fabulous beaches, lush jungles, luxury resorts or distant sites?


Is waking up and going to a desk job every day kind of crushing your soul?



Then you’re a perfect candidate

for becoming a location independent biz babe!



Side effects may include new levels of financial abundance, epic personal freedom, a whole crew of friends who are movers and shakers like you, and a drool-worthy lifestyle.


This lifestyle is not for everybody. Do not pursue if you:


  • Love working 40+ hours in your cubicle working for someone else’s dreams instead of your own
  • Are perfectly happy with a few weeks of vacation per year. More would be selfish, am I right?
  • Like it when your boss determines how much money you make. Because everyone knows bosses are out to serve you, not the company bottom line
  • Never want to break free of all of the expectations or conventions, and basically love having your life planned out from now until you die


Hi, I’m Susi, and in 2013 I put in my quit notice at my corporate marketing & media job in favor of traveling the world.


Yes, people thought it was weird.

Yes, I’ve turned more than a few heads to do this. And yes, I absolutely love it!



But shaking off the chains of what society expects of you (read: get a college degree from a good school, find a decent job, and work there until you can retire) doesn’t come easy.





There are a whole lot of pitfalls on your way to a successful business, like:

  • Learning the ropes of finding clients, putting up your website, making a name for yourself and actually earning money

  • Fighting your inner mindset demons that are holding you back without you even realizing it

  • Feeling good enough to sell with conviction
  • Making the income you desire in your business, without hustling 60+ hours each week whilst getting nothing done

  • Figuring out social media — not just what to post, but how to use it to get paid

  • Growing a massive following

I hired a Business Coach AND a Mindset Coach to work it all out. 


I wish there would have been one coach for both - and that's why I became one.

Save yourself thousands of $$$ by hiring a Mindset Coach and Business Strategist in ONE. 



Choose a path where you make your own rules,

where you can earn more than enough money

to pay your bills and travel at the same time,

and where you’re the boss of your life.



Nope, I’m not trying to loop you into some crazy pyramid scheme or offering you a shady “work from home” opportunity.

I know you’re worried about that because that’s what you’ve experienced so far.



This is something completely different.


This is you, growing and running your own service-based online business, which you can do anywhere on the planet, and me as your guide helping you along the way. 


I truly believe in the combination of marketing AND mindset to get to those consistent $5,000 months (or more). 


I help service-based Biz Babes
who are DRIVEN as f*ck and
KNOW what their soul-calling is,
to grow their audience and
their confidence so they can live
fully location independent
and travel the world whilst
making an impact AND lots of money. 


How is my coaching different?


I am a solution-focused coach (no kidding, I studied this).
Even though I can teach you ALL the cookie cutter strategies and blueprints, we will focus on YOUR strengths for your own marketing.


That's how you build your own personal road to success!

I’m not my only success story. Check out these other women who’ve hired me to be their coach:

90 days to Freedom Lifestyle Coaching

Want to know what kinds of businesses you can do anywhere in the world?

Here are a few my clients started after working together:

  • Yoga teachers
  • Graphic designers
  • Dive instructors
  • Branding Specialists
  • Photographers
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Life Coaches






















So maybe you're thinking, "Well, this all sounds great Susi, but how exactly do you plan on helping me?"


1st Month: Achieve Business Clarity


  • Your “Why” drives everything you do moving forward. Get crystal clear on the lifestyle you want to create with your Online Business and why it’s so important to you
  • Translate your talents into the business of your dreams
  • You can’t make money if you don’t have any buyers! Get a handle on who your ideal client is, why they need you, and how you’re going to change their life (Skipping this makes selling mission impossible)
  • Your messaging is your calling card online. What is your heart begging you to share with the world?
  • Create your one-line elevator pitch so you can clearly express what you do and who you work with
  • Package your services into Killer Offers that your clients want like hot cakes.


Results include:

  1. A perfect vision to move you forward
  2. A solid business foundation that you can take anywhere
  3. Your big business dreams, clearly defined
  4. Knowing exactly what to do to make money as a digital nomad


2nd Month: Master Your Mindset


  • Your limiting beliefs are the sneakiest thing holding you back from living your dream lifestyle right now. Discover what these blocks are and how to remove them, so you can live up to your full potential
  • Learn how to believe that you are 100% worthy of your dreams and deserve to have ANYTHING you want!
  • Get all my Success Mindset tools for beginning a new daily Mindset Routine to smash through limits and build up your belief (All the major entrepreneurs and celebrities do inner work like this!)
  • Create your new Money Mindset, let go of your old money story and create New Beliefs around Abundance and Wealth.


Results include:

  1. Increased income (because you stop blocking yourself)
  2. Feeling grounded in your day as you start it with a bang
  3. A new inner knowing you’ve probably never felt before that will affect all your decisions from here on out
  4. Soaring confidence levels


3rd Month: Get Visible Online


  • If you want to attract your dream client, you need to get in front of them. We’ll develop your new visibility strategy online so you can build, connect and engage with your tribe every day
  • Instagram with a vengeance! Grow your account to several thousands of engaged followers who love you and your posts — and want to hire you!
  • Use the magic of Facebook groups to market yourself as a business owner organically (you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising to make this strategy work)
  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can find and book your next paying clients
  • Create your own content so you can offer massive value to your audience
  • Get my hacks for re-purposing your content and social media posts so you can use them across platforms (This will save you hours of work!)


Results include:

  1. A massively engaged audience of potential buyers at your beck and call
  2. Impacting the world with your vibe and message
  3. Getting booked by dream clients who can’t wait to hire you
  4. A waterfall of followers, potential clients and income


4th Month: Marketing For Passion and Profit


  • Optimizing your mailing list is one of the biggest ways to earn a living while traveling the world. Grow your community of raving fans and build your list quickly, so you can start earning money in your business right away
  • You'll need a powerful Lead Magnet that people will love to offer their email address for, a Landing Page to capture your audience, a Thank you Page to show your gratitude, and an email marketing provider to nurture them. Don’t worry — we’re going to set this all up together!
  • Learn how to book Discovery Calls whilst asleep and convert them into new clients.  
  • Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to target your ideal client super specifically. You can start advertising with as little as 2$ a day!


Results include:

  1. An email list full of happy people who are excited to buy from you
  2. Numerous new ways to grow and nurture your audience
  3. Calling in customers on autopilot whilst you sleep

As a client you’ll receive:


  • 1 x 90 minutes intensive to KICK OFF powerfully 
  • Private coaching calls (11 x 50 minutes) to build your dream business and lifestyle on your terms
    Sessions are held during the first three weeks of each month.
  • Unlimited email, messenger and voice message support in between sessions for when you have a burning question and need an answer ASAP (Monday to Friday) 
  • Workbooks, resource guides and individual recommendations for growing your online business and your entrepreneurial mindset


Limited time Bonus for new clients:

  • Customized feedback on every bit of marketing material you make during our time together (this is worth more than the cost of the entire program by itself)
  • Free access to my paid Mindset Journaling tribe

Your investment for the entire program:
$10,000 paid in full 
or a deposit of $5,000 and 3 monthly payments of $2,000

Imagine how different your life could look 4 months from now:


  • Working on your laptop as a digital nomad — no borders, all freedom
  • Loving what you do so much that you jump out of bed to start each day
  • Knowing how to use your unique gifts and talents and turn them into an awesome, heart-centered business
  • Manifesting what your heart desires
  • Becoming confident in sales and earning money
  • Marketing your business from scratch on social media and building a lust-worthy list of buyers
  • Completely shifting your mindset so that you’re confident, courageous and ready to take on the world

Now imagine how exactly the same your life would look if you didn't change anything: 


  • Doing the dreaded daily commute to the office day in and day out
  • Nursing the blisters on your feet from having to wear high heels for 40+ hours a week
  • Getting jealous of your coworkers when they take vacations
  • Earning the same amount of money and hoping your boss will see your talent and give you a raise
  • Not living up to your potential or making an impact on the world
  • Being afraid that the rest of your life will look exactly like it does now


Which one of those feels better?
The first one, right?
You can totally have it.
It’s more than possible for you

- with the right guidance by your side and a proven process to follow.


I wish I would have known earlier, that the conventional path is not the only one.


Trying to “fit in” and “settle with what’s normal” literally made me sick.


I couldn’t imagine to stay in one place forever and switched jobs all the time.



I grew up with the belief that my “crazy ideas are unrealistic” but I was craving for adventure and longing to explore myself by exploring the world.



I knew I wanted to work location independent and become a Digital Nomad,

but I didn’t know the tools HOW to achieve this.


You don’t need to struggle with the same thing!

I know you can do this, and here's why:


By reading this far you’ve already shown that you want MORE out of life.

There's a reason why not everyone is living their dream life:

Most people SETTLE FOR LESS. 

Having the courage and commitment to really GO FOR IT is what makes 

YOU special
and that's the kind of special I like to work with! 


I made a conscious decision to not allow life to just happen to me.

And you can do the same TODAY!