You have to get seen in your biz!




Dear Coach, Social Media Manager or Entrepreneur with 154 Facebook followers. 



I feel you!

It's meant to be your freedom lifestyle, but so far it doesn't really feel very FREE yet.



 You already KNOW that you are meant to be self-employed. It's your calling. 


You already KNOW as well "kind of" what you wanna do. 

You've started a Facebook page, invited a few friends to follow along and you share stuff there. 

But you're not sure if anyone actually cares,
as you don't get much feedback. 

You don't know how to get a lot of followers, 

a bunch of raving fans that need to hear EXACTLY what you have to share with the world
and you don't know how to market yourself. 


You don't know how to actually promote yourself,
set up a Sales process and overcome this feeling of 
"not being good enough yet to charge high prices."




Guess what - this is only partly about YOU. 


There's people out there that NEED you. 


Because they want to save time, 

or they want to feel better, 

or they want to heal from pain. 


They are willing to pay you for the RESULT. 


They are ready to listen to you.


So dare to get the word out there! 

Show up! 

Be authentic! 




I see so many AMAZING coaches and Social Media managers with 154 followers on Facebook or Instagram.


That's not ENOUGH girl! 


And I don't mean "not enough because it's all about numbers" - it's NOT. 






You are meant to help people.


You are meant to serve people.


Your job is to get those people a CHANCE to find you! 


Your job is to get those people a CHANCE to get to know you.


Your job is to get those people, your ideal dream clients, a CHANCE to buy from you!! 





You are meant to reach SO many more people.

That's were strategy comes in.



Maybe you're not a strategy girl.


That's fine - because I AM!


And it's MY calling to help soul-based female entrepreneurs to



Because I believe in you and your message! 


I believe in you finding clients, getting tons of engagement and attracting the right people.




I'm not asking you to through your money out of the window - I know it's tough when you're just starting out.


But if you are smart, 

and if you invest smart, 

and if you think and act like a BUSINESS OWNER, 


you will make your money back! 




How I know this?


Because I have done it myself.

My clients have done it for themselves.


You are not stupid. 

You are not lazy.

You are a quick learner.


All you need is some guidance, good strategies, and the courage to take what works best
and in ALIGNMENT with YOU! 



So maybe you're thinking, "Well, this all sounds great Susi, but how exactly do you plan on helping me?"


Get Visible Online


  • If you want to attract your dream client, you need to get in front of them. We’ll develop your new visibility strategy online so you can build, connect and engage with your tribe every day
  • Instagram with a vengeance! Grow your account to several thousands of engaged followers who love you and your posts — and want to hire you!
  • Use the magic of Facebook groups to market yourself as a business owner organically (you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising to make this strategy work)
  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can find and book your next paying clients
  • Create your own content so you can offer massive value to your audience
  • Get my hacks for re-purposing your content and social media posts so you can use them across platforms (This will save you hours of work!)


Results include:

  1. A massively engaged audience of potential buyers at your beck and call
  2. Impacting the world with your vibe and message
  3. Getting booked by dream clients who can’t wait to hire you
  4. A waterfall of followers, potential clients and income


Marketing For Passion and Profit


  • Optimizing your mailing list is one of the biggest ways to earn a living while traveling the world. Grow your community of raving fans and build your list quickly, so you can start earning money in your business right away
  • You'll need a powerful Lead Magnet that people will love to offer their email address for, a Landing Page to capture your audience, a Thank you Page to show your gratitude, and an email marketing provider to nurture them. Don’t worry — we’re going to set this all up together!
  • Learn how to book Discovery Calls whilst asleep and convert them into new clients.  
  • Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to target your ideal client super specifically. You can start advertising with as little as 2$ a day!


Results include:

  1. An email list full of happy people who are excited to buy from you
  2. Numerous new ways to grow and nurture your audience
  3. Calling in customers on autopilot whilst you sleep

As a client you'll receive:


  • 1 x 90 minute Intensive to KICK OFF powerfully 
  • 8 private coaching calls (50 minutes) to build your audience and client flow
    Sessions are held during the first three weeks of each month.
  • Unlimited email, messenger and voice message support in between sessions for when you have a burning question and need an answer ASAP (Monday to Friday) 
  • Workbooks, resource guides and individual recommendations for growing your online business and visibility


Your investment for the entire program: $7,500 paid in full
or 3x $2,800 as payment plan