A day in my location independent life

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Being location independent includes the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime. But it requires discipline as well, to design your day in a productive way. You are responsible for your own work-life balance. 


I took notes about a perfect and typical day in my location independent business and life, which took place during week 6 of my second round-the-world trip, in June 2017. 


My days vary a lot, but this one is a great example of how I manage to work, travel, and enjoy my free time with my partner. 

06:30 Wake Up

06:45 Mindset Journaling


I get a lot of questions around this. What is it, and what do I actually DO? 


To focus my mind on my strengths, successes, abilities, and all the good things in my life, I journal around several exercises 3 times a day. I reprogram my brain towards the things I want to BE, HAVE and DO in my life.
That morning it included: 


  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Gratitude list 
  • Money Affirmations
  • Checking and recording my bank balances


07:15 Work Session

Checking in with my clients

After my journaling I start my first work session by checking in with my clients. 
How are they doing with their homework, are they stuck anywhere, what tasks are they focusing on today? 

Social Media

Checking and replying to Facebook Messages, Facebook comments and Emails. 


Share Content 
I post at least one post on Instagram, my Facebook page and my Facebook group. 

08:15 Breakfast with my partner

09:00 Work Session

This is where I'm getting really productive. I work best in the mornings and do all my main content creation at this time of the day. 

On this example Tuesday I did...


  • Record and edit a video training
  • Voice message my clients
  • Check in with my Branding Specialist 
  • Comment on Facebook Posts in my group to connect with members
  • Create a new 1:1 coaching offer with me, drafted 2 sales posts, set up a payment link for this offer and shared it in my Facebook group 
  • Share 2 blog posts 
  • Reach out to potential clients via PM
  • Reply to all requests about my new 1:1 offer  

12:00 travel time & Check in

a day in my location independent life
My work space at our new hotel. Love it!

14:00 Lunch

A day in my location independent life
  • Exploring our new accomodation
  • Unpacking
  • A 3-course-menue for lunch 

I'm trying to be more at ease with spending Money on great accomodation and food. In my first years of travel I developed a strong "backpacker mentality", saving wherever I can to make my adventure last as long as possible. 


Now that I am able to make an income WHILST on the road and moving places all the time, I'm working on adapting an Abundance Mindset, allowing myself to splurge, have nice meals, upgrades and trusting that I won't become broke.


The universe has my back! There is plenty more Money coming my way. 




14:30 Afternoon nap

15:30 Afternoon Mindset Work

A day in my location independent life


Afternoon Journaling Session: 
  • 5 things that are going really well for me today 

  • 10 reasons I love money 

  • My heart is full of gratitude because...

  • Who do I decide to BE this week? 

  • How does my ideal business week look like? 

  • Who do I love to work with? Why do they need my offers? 


Whilst writing I'm having some yummy cakes from the pastry shop. 

18:30 Client Call

45 minutes Skype Session with one of my existing clients.
We work on her title, her Content Marketing Strategy and the 5 pillars of her new Online Coaching Package. 

Those calls are super productive and energetic, they push me and are the reason and motivation of what I'm doing. 


19:15 Relax time



Sauna and swim at the Pool. 

Best part of the day!





"Take a deep breath, 
and just enjoy your life!"

20:15 Quick Work Session

  • Follow up Email with Coaching Call summery for my client
  • Individual Workbook creation for her homework
  • Quick check in on Social Media and Emails 

20:30 Free time

Having a shower, going for dinner, and going to the movies with my partner. 

22:00 Evening Mindset Work

Yes, again!
The morning and evening sessions are my most important and intensive times to work on my Mindset. 

This evening I include: 

  • 25 things I'm grateful for 
  • Everything I have achieved today with pride 
  • My Big Vision for 2017 
  • My empowering Beliefs
  • 50 reasons of why I am grateful for my money situation right now 
  • 20 reasons why I know with 100% certainty, that I will achieve my goals


As you might have noticed, I spend a lot of my time each day with Mindset Journaling. 


Mindset Work has changed EVERYTHING in my life and business.
I'm happy to share everything I've learned to get from "no confidence" to "fully booked". 


SEE the Future you Desire, 

FEEL the Emotions it evokes 

and BELIEVE it's possible!


Check out my Mindset Bootcamp for beginners with Journaling Prompts, Mindset Tasks and all Tools you'll need to develop a Success Mindset Routine.  


Get it here! 


Susi is the founder of Dreamlife Deluxe and works as a Life and Transformational Coach.

about the author

Susi is the founder of Dreamlife Deluxe and works as a Life and Transformational Coach.  She left Germany in 2014 and has been travelling and living overseas ever since, embarking on her second round the world trip in 2017. Susi helps others with her 1:1 coaching and courses to create a freedom lifestyle on their own terms, so they can travel long term, start an online business and overcome their fears. 

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