Dreams really do come true.

Here’s the story of how mine did.





Hi, I’m Susi Kaeufer, and I help location independent biz babes grow their businesses online so they can live the life of their dreams.



I believe in a world of freedom, independence, courage and adventure.


Imagine waking up every day in a new country.


From the lush jungles of Thailand to the sparkling beaches of Australia, all the way to the plains of Africa and up to the French countryside, there’s an entire world waiting for you to explore it.


But for many of us, we aren’t told we can do that!



Instead, we go to college, get a job, and count the days until we retire... and if we’re lucky, we use our few weeks of vacation a year to travel abroad.


That wasn’t the life I wanted to live!

For ten years I was spending long hours as a media planner working for someone else’s dream. I earned good money, but I didn’t have any time to enjoy it. My desk was filled with brochures on how to work overseas and travel, and I secretly looked at them whenever I could find a break at work.


I wanted to leave my job and travel the world,
but when everyone tells you your dreams are “impossible” or “unreasonable” or “stupid,”
you start to believe them.


Then one day a coworker quit to travel to Nicaragua for 6 months! And I thought, “Hang on, that’s MY dream! I’ve been thinking about this for 10 years. How can others simply DO this??”


After lots of sleepless nights, I decided to quit my day job in Germany and create an unconventional life for myself.



The traditional “Work harder and make more money, so you can be happier” concept never sat well with me.


When I bought a one-way ticket to South Africa, I discovered that there are different ways to live my life than what I’d been taught to believe. The people I met there didn’t value money or security like the people back home. They wanted less, and they were still happy!


I decided to declare independence
from the way I had been living.


I volunteered with cheetahs and learned horse riding and tried all the things I wanted to try but could never find time to do.


Then I made my way to Asia and explored even more. I did yoga in Bali, volunteered in a cat sanctuary for fun and lived on remote islands in the Philippines.  


I visited 10 countries that year, 19 countries this year, and every day I met new people who were really living their life on their terms.


When I landed in Australia, I got another day job to earn money.
I’d finish work every day at 2 PM and spend the afternoons and evenings lounging by the beach. It was a fun lifestyle compared to the one I’d had in Germany, but eventually I felt that familiar longing for true freedom again.


I was bound to my  job. They counted on me to be there everyday. I couldn’t go anywhere new or travel while I worked there.  If I wanted to truly embody the laptop lifestyle I’d been seeking, I needed to summon all of my courage and go for it.


I had to toss aside the day job,
change my way of thinking and evolve into the woman I wanted to be.




I now feel too old to join the 18- and 19-year-old backpackers who start over in each country, living in hostels and freaking out about how to make ends meet so they can keep traveling.


That’s not how I want to live my life. I needed a business I could take with me — one that would support the adventures I still wanted to go on without forcing me to pinch pennies or sleep in tents with 10 strangers!


So I created it. I became a Certified Life Coach and found my clients online, on Facebook and Instagram. I helped them overcome their limitations and turn their mindset completely around.


Today I show other women how to

build businesses that allow them to
the laptop lifestyle I love so much.


My special potion is a mix of marketing and mindset — because if you really want to pursue your dreams, you have to feel worthy of them first.




I just left Australia a year ago for my second around-the-world trip, and I have a business I can take with me instead of starting from scratch in each new place.

I’m blessed with being able to hit 5-figure months while traveling and leaving all my worries behind.


If you travel far enough, you will meet yourself.

Here are some of my favorite adventures so far:

  • I lived in Cape Town to improve my English.
  • I traveled 3 months through Africa.
  • I learned horse riding in an African game reserve surrounded by wildlife.
  • I worked in a cheetah rehabilitation project in Africa.
  • I never ever left the ocean on my journey.
  • I learned how to tube-feed penguins in a wildlife hospital.
  • I explored 10 countries in 1 year.
  • I volunteered at Sydney Zoo for one whole year.
  • I lived n Australia for 3 years.
  • I played poker in Macau and Las Vegas.
  • I worked with cheetahs, leopards, penguins and koalas.
  • I volunteered at a white water rafting resort in Canada.
  • I have been traveling and lived overseas since 2014.
  • I have been petsitting in Canada and Saint Lucia. 


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